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General & Special Charges & Rates

Travel Expenses

  • Travel is free within a 5 mile radius of Midhurst, then add £0.40p per mile thereafter. This will apply to all Dog Vision Services.
  • A collection and return service is available for dog walking, home boarding / day care services with the above travelling fee applied to the service price if outside the 5 mile radius of Midhurst.

Holiday Rates

  • Weekends are charged at the standard published rates.
  • Standard bank holidays are charged at time and a half.
  • New Year’s Day, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday, Christmas Day and Boxing Day will be charged at double the standard rate.


  • House keys are generally supplied at the time of registration. Any separate journey undertaken after this to collect or return keys will be charged at £0.40p per mile outside a 5-mile radius of Midhurst. (Sets of keys supplied to Dog Vision will be kept safe for all clients and key holding is free.)


  • Initial registration is free, any subsequent meetings upon client request will be charged for by the time that is required.

Dog Trial Day / Night Prices

  • Home boarding and dog day care assessment day / nights will be charged as the standard day / night rates (see prices)

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